Energy Facilitations

I do not regard myself as a healer.  I regard myself as an energy facilitator.  Healing occurs, by you, when you allow it to happen by choosing to receive this high vibrational energy.  Your body is intelligent and it is through this intelligent, ‘innate’ design that healing occurs.

As a compassionate conduit for Source energy, I  offer you the energy, the tools, required to create the balance needed to take you up the evolutionary ladder to the highest vibrational frequency appropriate for you.

Any Yogi will tell you that balance is not just a pose on one leg.  It is a state of being.  Balance in the physical, emotional, mental and etheric aspects of ourselves creates a healthy, happy, serene being.   This then creates a foundation to merge more with your Higher Self, your Multidimensional Self, aligning you with the Adam/Eve Kadmon Body.


Throughout our many life sojourns we experience many situations that cause stress, fear, anxiety, trauma, drama, resentment, hate, loathing and many more lower vibrational emotions that, if not cleansed from our physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies, can manifest into physical ailments, discomfort and dis-ease.  Belief patterns, dogmas, rules and regulations have been imprinted upon us and these then become the belief structures, or boxes and limitations, we find ourselves stuck in.

The DNA –Resetting to the Divine Blueprint of the Adam/Eve Kadmon Body process is a method of cutting through the many layers of structures and beliefs, baggage and burdens that limit us, including the irregularities and discordant energies within the DNA, and replacing them with the new Angelic enlightened DNA freeing us from these boxes.

My role as the facilitator is to remain out of the way as much as possible to allow the loving, compassionate life force energy of the Creative Source to flow fluently through me, divinely guiding me to where, or what, you choose to transform. What you are in need of at that particular time, to Reset to the Divine Blueprint, is what you will receive.  Everyone is unique and everyone is at their own distinctive level of awareness, understanding, balance and truth.  I ask that you feel your truth to see that this process is for you.  Your body will let you know if it is in need of one or more than one facilitation.  Facilitations can be done personally or remotely (over distance).  What I feel through the energy with your physical body being present and upon the table is the same as what I feel when working remotely from a distance.

Your role is to be open to receiving this beautiful, divine energy.    It is so easy to be sceptical of things we do not understand, to mistrust concepts that are new and different.

“Skeptics and Naysayers dismiss what they have not risen to the level to see.   Armchair investigators cast opinions from afar, condemnation without investigaton is the height of ignorance.”    Albert Einstein

For you to find that something you are seeking you must be open to the idea of change and for some, change can be very fear-provoking.  By choosing to accept and flow with change you will be doing your part in your search for you, in your search for your higher self.

Regardless of whether or not you choose a distant or personal facilitation, you will be taken to a place of relaxation that will allow you to step out of the way.  Because I drop into a very deep coherent Theta brainwave, it may be that as you relax you also drop into a deep Theta sleep and do not awaken until the process and the energy is settled.  It is important for you to take the hour required for a facilitation in quiet reflexion, either sitting or lying in a comfortable position.

IMG_3196-001As the energy begins to build within me, which I feel as rays of light, I am intuitively aware of where I need to position myself and my hands in order for the session to begin.  It is that 3rd language of light that speaks to me in light packets of Divine love.   Source energy guides me and my hands are literally moved to where they need to be and I feel this as a physical movement.  Each person has their own energetic signature, therefore, no two facilitations are the same.  Where I am taken within the energetic signature of a person is a wonder every time.

As you accept and receive this beautiful, Divine energy, you may experience a shift.  This shift usually is a release of anything that may be causing imbalance whether it is on a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or etheric level.  As you release,  you will be brought more into alignment, recalibrating and balancing your energies and Resetting to the Divine Blueprint of the Adam/Eve Kadmon Body.  Through this process of light, this quantum, intelligent design, the heavier denser energy is replaced with the new lighter, Angelic higher frequencies.  Your intelligent body and your higher self will know what it is that is needed to be transformed and will do so at a rate appropriate for you.  This is your gift to you, from you.  You may experience energy recalibration for many days after the facilitation and some have gone through cold and flu like symptoms.  Should these symptoms arise, it is your way of giving you validation that these higher frequencial energies are working to create the balance you have asked for.  By acknowledging it, accepting it and allowing it you will move more easily through this cleanse and recalibration stage.  It is important to drink a lot of water (filtered preferably) through this period so the new cells remain hydrated.

The changes you experience may be very subtle.  These changes can occur in a myriad of ways such as feeling more at peace and less stressed, not being caught up in drama and reacting to situations, having the courage to speak your truth.  It may be that you had been contemplating doing a particular course and following through on your desire to do so.  Each of these changes brings you more into alignment with your true self.

Throughout the whole experience, the creator energy, Source energy fills every cell in my body.  My heart is filled with a love so grand there are no words in our language to describe this feeling.  I thank you for your choice to create this change for yourself.  I truly am so very blessed, so very grateful and so very humbled to be able to offer you assistance with this.  Namaste.



‘Receiving energy facilitation sessions with Fiona is a caring and nurturing experience, where gentle energy can be felt moving and pulsing through the body to areas that need attention. After the sessions, for me, there is a sense of calmness, deep relaxation and increased clarity of mind.  Fiona is a long-time, treasured friend and colleague, whose pure intention is to help people to release their blockages, so they can move forward to experience a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.

It has been my privilege to spend many fascinating hours with Fiona, practising a variety of energy modalities in order to gain proficiency and a deep understanding of this work. Now Fiona is ready to spread her wings and embark, with confidence, on her exciting career using her own uniquely channelled energy modality, which is truly amazing to experience.  With love and gratitude for our continuing journey.’

 Bess de Groot

Teacher and practitioner of Reiki and Thetahealing

Fiona is a natural and gifted Healer and Teacher. She is so in tune with the energy in which she is facilitating. It is magical to witness Fiona working with this energy, it’s like she is enveloped in an aura of true beauty, grace, confidence, truth, light and love………love always,

Namaste Vikki – Yoga & Reiki Teacher

Fiona is a natural healer who works with a high degree of integrity, professionalism, kindness and thoughtfulness for the people that she assists. I have personally received healing sessions from Fiona and had very powerful positive results. You will receive favorable healing as well for your body, mind and soul.  

Tina Zion  USA   International Author, Lecturer, Intuitive

I have now received three sessions from Fiona … and found myself each time immediately falling into relaxation without having to try. Which is always a bonus to have someone do it for you! After five or ten minutes I fell into a deep ‘space’ of Peace and allowed the process to work its magic. Which it certainly did. I ‘came round’ exactly on the hour which proves to me I was not asleep … and over the next 48 hours or so … received the flowing energy of The Divine through my Being . I would Highly recommend a  session for the value of just this one hour is most beneficial. On a personal level I KNOW Fiona to be a lady of integrity and Truth … seeking only to serve the Highest good.

Blossom Goodchild.