Energy Awareness

To explain what energy is would fill many pages with scientific information, of which those in the physics arena would comprehend, however, regardless of how many pages were filled, there is so much more about energy that is not yet understood.   Energy is quantum.  Consciousness is quantum.  In the Heinemann’s dictionary the quantum theory is explained as, the energy of electromagnetic waves that are emitted or absorbed, not continuously, but in separate packets.  Not having a scientific or physics background makes it harder to understand or grasp what energy is.  Energy, Source energy, is LOVE of the highest vibration, unconditional and beyond comprehension for a 3D linear mind.!Mline-Lafont-Spring-Equinox-birthing-quantum-consciousness-Message-from-Self/c112t/7BF9496A-6527-4076-8658-F7226CD3C91D

Our bodies have many energy centres called Chakras, energy pathways, meridians, nadi’s and an auric field or quantum field surrounding the body.  This field is made up of differing levels/layers representing specific energy bodies.


This quantum field, within, through and extending from the body is referred to as a “DNA mist”, our lightbody.  The lightbody, or Merkabah as it is denoted in the scriptures, is the matrix of the templates of the Human Being.  This is where structured information, light codings and the Divine Blueprint templates are awaiting to be illuminated and reset.  In these times of Earth Ascension into 4th/5th dimensional frequency, we (humans) are also ascending.  In order for us to go where we are going, which is into these higher dimensional frequencies and a more enlightened state of awareness, our DNA must be cleansed and purified of these irregularities so the Divine Blueprint can be illuminated and reset.

P1120872-1All of the past traumas, genetic beliefs, painful experiences, vows and promises from all life experiences sit within our Auric Field waiting to manifest in the physical body as an ailment or disease or other such energy that prevents us from stepping into the fullness of who we are.  How often have you woken to feel as though you are dragging extra baggage or carrying a burden upon your shoulders?  Unless we unburden and release this energy that is having a dulling effect upon our Divine Blueprint we will find it difficult to raise our vibrational frequency.  Surely, it is time now to release this baggage, this burden, and blossom into a more balanced you.  Are you full of fear?  Are you quick to anger?  Do you need to react or respond to that which you do not agree with?  Do you need to tell everybody about everything you’ve done?  This is the imbalance within that can be brought into alignment with the higher aspect of who you truly are to create peace, joy and harmony within.

Your body intelligence, your higher self and your spiritual guides will bring to your awareness, signs symbols and flag posts that will assist you to awaken to your higher truth. It will also assist you to see what it is that is out of balance and can be released. Those of us, who are experiencing much upheaval in our lives, can remain balanced and get through many situations with more ease and grace if we know how to feel truth within. When we create balance within and still our minds we are then able to hear and heed these nudgings, proddings, signs, flag posts and divine guidance.

Due to our gift of free will it is not unitl we give permission for spirit to step in and help  that the help is given.  All through our life our Spiritual Guides and teachers wait patiently for us to seek their council.  When we make the decision, ask in truth and give intent, our spiritual family and team of helpers step in to assist us in the myriad of life challenges we experience daily.  They will assist us to form a close bond and friendship with the higher aspect of ourselves – our Higher Self or Highest Soul Self, Divine Spark, our I AM presence.

This energy, Source energy, speaks to our Highest Soul Self in the 3rd language, The Language of Light.   This truth is given in the Language of Light.  The “Ahah” experiences you get when you acknowledge the signs, symbols and divine guidance can be felt within as truth.  Your truth, will resonate with you in many different ways.  You may feel tingles or get goose bumps, you may feel as though your heart is full of what you can only describe as love and you may even be brought to tears.  Listening to your truth will put you in the right place at the right time and will lead you to that which you require at that moment.  If your truth has led you to read this information then you have just received divine guidance.  With free choice you are now able to choose if this is right for you.  Would you like to drop the baggage and burdens and step into your Divine Blueprint?  Do you seek this connection with your higher self, with self mastery?  The DNA – Resetting of the Divine Blueprint of the Adam/Eve Kadmon body is beautiful, it is Divine and it is available for you if this is your truth.