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DNA – Resetting to the Divine Blueprint of the Adam/Eve Kadmon body 

Have a Divine Energy Facilitation and you will receive the following:
(Please understand that what you receive, and how much you will receive, depends upon your own level of awareness and awakening consciousness). 

*  Cleansing and balancing of the chakra centres by transmuting/transforming belief structures,
    programs, fears. These may arise (in a positive way) for clearing after the Energy Facilitation
as the energy continues to process allowing for release.

*  Cleanse and balance of meridians and energy pathways. 

*  Left and right brain hemisphere balancing and alignment moving you into Divine Feminine
    and Sacred Masculine balance.

*  Heart portal opening aligning the Sacred Heart centre with the Sacred Mind. 
    (The heart portal has already been activated within all of humanity to a certain level).
Neurological pathways are reset, realigning Sacred Heart and Mind, enabling profound
awakening and awareness of Love
and realignment into Love. 

*  Opening into higher levels of activation of the pineal gland, hypothalamus gland, pituitary gland.

*  Resetting of the DNA and integration of the crystalline/Angelic frequencies.

*  Alignment with the Higher Self, Overself, Christed Overself and Divine I Am.

*  Awakening to the remembrance of the inherent gifts and abilities you already have within.

*  Remembrance of and a more enhanced, profound connection to your truth, your Higher Self, your Divine I Am.

A donation represents an exchange of energy and would be greatly appreciated.  Please click on the “Energy Exchange” button below to donate.

For a distant/remote energy facilitation please contact me using the contact form below to arrange a scheduled appointment time.  (Please note: it is important to contact me to confirm a session time).  I will then be in contact with you regarding available times.

My time zone is Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Please use the following Time/Date website to convert time zones.

For a personal session:  Please use the contact form below to arrange a scheduled appointment time.  I will then be in contact with you regarding available times.

We thank you for your commitment to you.



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