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It is difficult to define the work that Fiona does without placing boundaries or limitations upon her. Through her own transformative process she has become a conscious participant and over-lighting guide on her own evolutionary path to ascension.   She can also be a guiding light and consciousness awareness guide for you if you choose to follow your own soul journey and ascension process.  Ascension is not a destination it is a state of being.  It is an expanded awareness and a new level of consciousness.  It is the unification of the light-body and Divine Blueprint, with the physical vessel.  Fiona has the ability to assist you to raise your vibrational frequency and therefore take you into an expanded perceptive field of conscious awareness, triggering, activating and unlocking deep codes within.

Fiona neither claims to be your healer or psychic for she knows that there is no greater intuitive psychic guide or healer than your own true Divine Self. She is however a conduit for the Divine Light and Love of Source, Creator of all that is, an energy facilitator and consciousness awareness guide.  As a conduit for the divine flow of the One Light, the Life Force energy of Source, Fiona brings through the resonant harmonics and light encodings required to allow you to bring yourself back into balance and to integrate the higher light of your own true Divine Self. By being able to connect to the higher dimensional frequencies Fiona is able to access intuitive information which allows you to see situations from a more expanded awareness.  Fiona receives light packets of information or intuitive impulses that are downloaded and then filtered through her consciousness fields.  These light packets of information are delivered in a way that is appropriate for you whether it is directly or through metaphor.

The transformation you go through when you choose to access and connect with your true Divine Self is unique to you and Fiona offers you the tools needed that will assist in your metamorphosis.  She has a loving, caring nature that can be tangibly felt and you can see she has such joy in being able to assist others on their journey.