Introducing Neptha El Ra


Neptha El Ra, Metatron’s twin flame, embodies the wisdom and compassionate love of our Divine Mother, the Divine Feminine energy which was so very sadly misappropriated from the planet, Mother Earth – Gaia, and all of humanity.  It is through the embodiment of Nepthat El Ra that Shekinah, the female aspect of the highest Source of Creation, the Divine Mother, shares these beautiful, loving messages.

Our Twin Flame is sometimes referred to as out Twin Soul.  We are all created with masculine and feminine counterparts and although these are separate, in that they represent the masculine aspect of self and the feminine aspect, they are, in and of, themselves whole.  Therefore, regardless of what gender we were born with, we walk upon this Earth as personifications of divine masculine and divine feminine expressions.  As a female, born into this very heavy masculine energy upon the planet, it is difficult to love ourselves and embrace all that we are.  To express our feminine quintessence has been a very arduous task in this dimension of duality.  Duality, by tradition, has been denoted as contrasting polarities such as black/white, yin/yang, god/goddess, good/bad etc.  It is through these contrasting polarities that we are able to experience and expand.  Expansion into our true self, our I AM presence is why we are here.

Divine Feminine virtues, not only within ourselves, but also within the entire fabric of design, can be recognised as birth, creation, motherhood, compassion, love, insight, intuition, wisdom, forgiveness, stillness, the moon energy, sensuality, harmony, connection and many more.  In contrast the Divine masculine virtues can be recognised as action, speed, ecstatic love, knowledge, expression, courage, strength, power, control, love, vigour, concentration, insight and many more.

In a very competitive world it is difficult to express compassion and softness without being seen as weak.  Both divine feminine and divine masculine virtues are inherent in all of us, however, when we are willing to notice that some of these qualities are prejudiced we are then able to return them to balance.  The balance of the divine masculine and divine feminine within us will enable us to express our true divinity, our true light.

P1040527It is time now for this energy to be restored to its original glory to all upon the Earth and to Gaia herself.  The energy is ripe for us to blossom and connect deeply with the Divine Feminine aspect, both in and of the planet, and in and of ourselves.  Neptha El Ra has chosen, in these rapidly changing times, to come through to share this wisdom, this knowledge and this love that she has for all of humanity.

My initial communications with Neptha El Ra were me asking many questions, and then more questions, which I needed answered to give me more clarity on my role and relationship with her.  My role was to connect and listen, to step out of the way and let the words flow.  In other words ‘move out of the way and let her do the words’.  I was more than happy with this and so it was, these question and answer communications then led to the information she now wishes to share, which will be posted when received.  These messages are transcribed as they have come through so there may be grammatical errors throughout.

It is important to note that your truth is your truth.  It is not my truth, nor is it the next person’s truth, therefore it is important to listen to that third language, the language of light.  You need to recognise that if what you read in these channelled messages feels right for you then this is also your truth.  If it doesn’t feel right then allow this to filter back into the ethers by lovingly letting it go.  Only you can know what is true for you and real in your life.

With much love I bring these messages through to all who aspire to read them.  May they bring you the knowledge and wisdom you are seeking in these shifting times.  May they speak to you in the Language of Light and may you feel, truly feel, the love and the light within them.