DNA-Resetting to the Divine Blueprint


Medical science has often referred to us as only having two strands of DNA of use.  The remaining ten strands of DNA have been referred to as ‘junk DNA’.  This so called ‘junk DNA’ is our multidimensional aspect, which connects us with our highest consciousness.

In these times of Earth Ascension into fifth dimensional frequency, humans are also ascending.  It is our remembrance of who we are, the Divine Angelic beings of light, that we are beginning to experience. We are moving into a healing paradigm we cannot see.  This is intelligent quantum healing that marries you with the innate intelligence of your body which has the ability to imprint itself and heal itself using its own memory codes held within the DNA. In order for us to move into these higher dimensional frequencies and a more enlightened state of awareness, our DNA must be cleansed, purified of irregularities and Reset to the Divine Blueprint.

 Throughout our many life experiences our DNA has been exposed to many types of influences and manipulations, harbouring irregularities and impurities which are not in alignment with our Divine Blueprint.  These irregularities were introduced to our DNA æons ago.  Today there are many energetic vibrational frequencies that influence our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  Many of these influences are detrimental to our health and vitality and it is important to be discerning of these influences.  Recognising what creates irregularities, impurities and imbalances is important to maintain physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual integrity. 

Resetting to the Divine Blueprint (The Divine Template) is the process of these irregularities (including traumatic emotional, physical, mental and spiritual residue), within the DNA, being lifted and de-crystalised, allowing for healing on a quantum level.  Our bodies are in a state of constant flux and the cellular structure is embodying more light.  When cells that hold more divine light replicate, the DNA will be copied from the original parent cell to the new cell.  Old cells will continue to replicate the discordant irregular residue within the DNA if they are not enhanced with the Divine light codes of the Divine Blueprint.

With the irregularities within the DNA de-crystalised the cellular structure can then reproduce the new Angelic DNA.   This supports reverse ageing and higher gifts and also frees up the attributes in the body that are necessary for subsequent healings.  Through intelligent design our body is then able to heal organs and disease processes and is free of the density of the old DNA which keeps us bound in the dense physical body.

The physical body has both masculine and feminine elements or aspects to its configuration, regardless of what gender we are experiencing in our life upon Earth.  It is of utmost importance that our masculine and feminine aspects of self, our Authority-Ego and Soul, be balanced so that we can experience completion.  Tradition has named the union of the masculine and femine as the “Adam Kadmon”, or “Great/Universal/Primordial Man”.  Resetting to the Divine Blueprint of the Adam/Eve Kadmon Body enables this union empowering our completion.

The following metaphor was given to me by higher guidance from Lord Metatron to explain this process of the DNA – Resetting to the Divine Blueprint of the Adam/Eve Kadmon Body in a simplified text:

Gold Thread Envision the Divine Blueprint of the ‘Adam/Eve Kadmon’ as a tapestry made of fabric where Neptha El Ra (Metatron’s twin flame) is seen as the needle and Metatron as the thread.  Imagine the needle threaded with Golden thread, weaving through the fabric to create the tapestry.  The needle is the passive and the absolute energy that comes from Source and the thread is the active energy, regulated by Metatron, that follows directly behind.  One cannot be without the other.  

Taken to a higher level of understanding we can translate the weaving into Zero’s and One’s and everything can be seen on a main frame computer where the software is just changed out and uninstalled from the Divine Blueprint.  It is the changing out of the contaminated software, the removal of irregular DNA residue, and raising its frequency to Angelic DNA that empowers us to the return to our balanced ‘Adam/Eve Kadmon’ body.