Ascension Awareness

graphic-58495_640What is Ascension?

The Oxford Dictionary defines Ascension as

1. The action of rising to an important position or a higher level and

1.1 The ascent of Christ into heaven on the fortieth day after the Resurrection.

Ascension is the shift in consciousness into higher planes of existence and the integration of our higher light bodies.  Ascension is a state of being, a state of being aware.  Awareness, according to the oxford dictionary, is the knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.  And from this we glean that through knowledge and perception we become aware of what is required to ascend, to shift into higher consciousness.  Higher consciousness or Christ Consciousness is achieved by aligning our human evolutionary mind (our ego) with the Divine mind (our sacred mind).

Within our cosmos the Earth, our solar system and galaxy are experiencing a graduation of sorts into a higher refinement of light frequencies, a shift in consciousness.  Gaia, Mother Earth, is moving into a higher dimension from the third/fourth dimension to fifth dimension.  Dimensions are vibrational creations of light frequencies, tonal frequencies and sacred geometries.  Every dimension has planetary existence and who or whatever resides upon any particular planet resonates and harmonises with the specific frequencies of that planet.

It is because of this coupling of resonance of the life upon our beautiful planet Earth and Gaia herself that, as she ascends, we also ascend with her into these higher, lighter cosmic frequencies.  Through the gift of compassion and the Divine Feminine creative energies, we are moving out of the lower vibrational, darker, denser energy patterns into the more refined higher vibrational, lighter, loving energy patterns.

For aeons we have been wading through the density of duality, of karma, and feeling completely separated from our Divine Light.  Each life experience we have has a purpose, a Divine purpose, and that is to re-awaken to and to become aware of this Divine Light that is within each of us.  Every life sojourn provides us with the opportunity to be aware of the negative, lower vibrational energies and thought patterns that we have created so we can then transmute, transform and balance them.  In doing so we not only raise our consciousness into Christed Consciousness we also raise the vibrational frequency of the planet and our physical body enabling us to reconnect with, realign with and re-calibrate to our lighter vibrational body or Light Body.

The Oxford Dictionary also states that Ascension represents the ascent of Christ into heaven.  Ascension was also depicted in 2 Kings 2 where Elijah ascended before Elisha in a chariot of fire and horses, a vehicle of light or what is known as the Merkabah.  “Mer” means Light, “Ka” means Spirit and “Ba” means body.  It is this Merkabah, body of Light, that the Ascended Masters used to access the higher realms and dimensions.


Through the gift of free will, humanity has the opportunity to ascend via our Merkabah body of Light.  Before we are able to pop off the planet to visit other planetary worlds and higher realms as the Ascended Masters did it is necessary for us to go through these stages of evolution into higher states of awareness, into Christed Consciousness.  We are able to do this by transmuting, transforming and balancing the irregularities and discordent energies of the lower bodies (physical, mental and emotional) and lower vibrational energies and thought forms.  These lower, denser energies have kept us bound in the density of the physical body.

As we move into the higher frequencies, into the multidimensional self, our crystalline light bodies,  we go through this process of refinement of the physical body.  Many upon Earth are experiencing what are termed as ‘Ascension Symptoms’.  These occur when these crystalline light codings are activated and the physical body is unable to hold its centre and balance.  What we once thought was our centre and how we once thought we could remain balanced has shifted.  The sacred heart, in its activation, is brining to the surface many emotions and feelings of spaciness, anger, frustration, tearfulness, sadness and many more.  Our physical bodies are integrating the higher frequencies causing feelings of tiredness, weakness and general unwellness. Ego and drama controls are being surfaced for clearing and healing causing our three lower chakras to come into alignement with the vibration of the higher chakra centres.  Opening the heart portal, the sacred heart, allows these higher refined Divine Cosmic Creative Energies to flow through us with ease allowing our bodies to become the conduits for the Divine Light and Love Creative Energy they were meant to be.

Eventually we can be freed from the physical vessel into the Adam/Eve Kadmon body which is the integrated light body of the Divine image in physical form, a direct emanation of the presence of Divine Love and Light.  It is essential to realign and reset our Divine Blueprint so we can move into the higher frequencies, the Divine Cosmic Creative Energies and be of such a vibration we are then able to don our vehicle of light, our Merkabah, and be transported into the higher dimensions of Divine Mind and Consciousness, just as the Ascended Masters before us did.


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